Apple to face Lawsuit for failing to have lockout feature in iPhone that prevents text-driving

A man in California launched class-action court case with intention of forcing Apple to integrate lockout feature as a way of averting text-driving, a move which Apple must adhere to or else have their phone sales frozen in California. Apple has failed to make available a feature in iPhone which will restrain the custom of texting while driving.

Identified as Julio Ceja, from Orange County in California, the man was crashed into by a distracted driver who paid more attention to her phone when she should have been focusing on her driving and to the road in front of her. Ceja further aired his disappointment especially by the fact that the driver still had her iPhone in hand when she exited the vehicle after the incident.

Apparently, Ceja is not seeking any monetary compensation. However, he hopes to force Apple into implementing such safety measures for the good of the people of California. He stresses that Apple complies with these demands or have their sale of phones in California withheld. He was quoted saying, “each of these residents’ lives is placed in danger every single day as a result of Apple’s failure to install ‘lock-out devices’ on their iPhones.”

According to Eric Goldman, a professor at Santa Clara University School of Law, the legal action would in effect make Apple the financial benefactor for all victims of car accidents caused while the driver was texting on an iPhone in California. And this could prove to be a big liability considering the number of accidents that could results from text-driving on an iPhone.

This is not the first complaint filed against Apple as a similar case had been raised in Santa Clara following the death of a five years old girl from a road accident caused by a driver using iPhone last year.

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