Animal Abusers Cannot Hide Any Longer

There has been a major win in the animal advocate community that is racing across the nation. Around the country the word is burning through the states like wildfire. New registries are being created to help keep furry companions out of the hands of convicted animal abusers.

Cities like New York are beginning to implement Animal Abuse Registries to combat animal violence. These cities are attempting to fuel a movement to make these registries a nationwide requirement.

Taking an even bigger stance is Tennessee. They are the first, and only state, to have implemented a State Wide Animal Abuser Registry. This registry is maintained and operated by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI).

Each registry includes names, photos, convictions, and the offense that each Animal Abuser was convicted for. This is all on the internet and public information revealed to anyone who seeks it out. With the registries, the aim is clear, keep people who have harmed animals before from harming them again.

There are all types of ways these registries can be utilized. They can be used for screening by shelters or pet shops, breeders, pet owners seeking pet sitters or caretakers, or even concerned citizens who may be seeking more public awareness. A rep from Veterinarian’s Money Digest suggests that, “…registries could serve the dual purpose of identifying people who are at an increased risk of being involved in domestic violence disputes or carrying out violent acts against other people”.

The opportunities with this upcoming legislation seem to be endless. Of course, the ultimate goal is to stop animal abuse all together. Thanks to these trailblazing cities and Tennessee, the voice of animal lovers is being finally being heard on a national level. We can ensure that all animals experience a loving home.

Please share this with friends and family, and seek out legislation support opportunities in your state or city. If you believe or have information regarding someone abusing animals, please seek out your local law enforcement or animal control agency.

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