Angie’s Lobster to Open Four More Drive-Thru Locations Next Year

From the popular growing franchise founders of Salad and Go, Angie’s Lobster has hit the valley and has trajectory expansion plan underway.

Since debuting their first food truck last year, Angie’s Lobster introduced the valley to the affordable lobster roll. They opened their first brick-and-mortar less than two months ago, but already has set a plan for 2023 that includes four additional restaurant locations.

Angie’s Lobster has plans to for four new locations:

Surprise- Southwest corner of Litchfield and Waddell
Glendale- Southeast corner of Glendale and 83rd Avenue
Gilbert – Southwest corner of Gilbert Road and Baseline Road
Chandler – Southeast corner of Gilbert Road and Queen Creek Road

Angie’s Lobster offers diners affordable lobster roll meals that do not exceed $9.99. The meals include fries and drink. Diners have the option of ordering from three meal options which include a warm & buttered lobster roll, a chilled lobster roll, and a fried lobster tail roll.

Angie’s Lobster owners Tony and Roushan Christofellis, earlier this year purchased their own wharf off the coast of Maine to be able to keep their costs down by cutting out the middlemen.

Specific opening dates for each locations have not been released.