Ancient Pottery Exhibition to Debut at Cave Creek Museum

Ancient Pottery Exhibition to Debut at Cave Creek Museum

The Museum’s Archaeological Wing Opens October 1, Showcasing Rare Pottery and Artifacts

This fall, the Cave Creek Museum will unveil a remarkable collection of ancient pottery in its Archaeological Wing. The museum, known for housing one of Arizona’s most diverse and rare pottery collections, will open the exhibition on October 1.

Evelyn Johnson, the museum’s executive director, highlights the world-class variety and rarity of the pottery collection. “Our collection offers exceptional examples of pottery that people made and used to thrive and survive,” says Johnson. Visitors will also discover projectile points, stone tools, and other artifacts from the 1980s Spur Cross Ranch excavations.

A notable feature of the Archaeological Wing is a wall dedicated to the collaboration between the Cave Creek Museum and the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community’s Huhugam Ki Museum. This display tells the stories of their cultures through remarkable items.

“Archaeology is the study of human society through the recovery and analysis of material culture and environmental data,” explains Johnson. She notes that 99% of the collection was donated, with one wall detailing the history of the Yavapai and Tonto Apache tribes, who were in the Cave Creek area when it was first settled.

The new exhibit will feature pottery and expertly woven baskets, highlighting their cultural significance and everyday use. The display will demonstrate the pottery-making process, from gathering raw clay to the final firing, showcasing styles ranging from plain ware to decorated pottery.

The museum’s archaeological section also includes a life-size replica of a Hohokam house, built from materials native to the high desert, representing home materials found at the Sears Kay Ruins east of Cave Creek.

The Cave Creek Museum, located at 6140 E. Skyline Drive, seeks volunteers to assist with exhibits and activities planned for the upcoming season. Despite the museum’s brief summer closure, preparations for the new season are underway. “For volunteers, it is fun and interesting work and a great opportunity to learn about the museum’s history,” Johnson adds.

For more information, call 480.488.2764.

The Cave Creek Museum, founded 54 years ago, is dedicated to preserving the artifacts and legacy of the Cave Creek Mining District and the surrounding foothills through education, research, and interpretive exhibits. The museum is open from October through May.