Americans Disapprove of Raising Debt Ceiling

The United States is approaching another election year in 2024, and the American Action Network has polled Americans about increasing the debt ceiling, a debate that has begun to rage across the country.

The survey went out to 87 congressional districts, where Joe Biden won by an average of five points in 2020, and the results were surprising.

According to the survey, Americans believe federal spending should be reduced before raising the debt ceiling, and they are siding with conservative arguments instead of liberal policies. Specifically, 52% of men and 51% of women who took the survey believe that cutting spending should be the priority.

Those who took the survey also believe Speaker McCarthy is negotiating in good faith, and they are placing blame on President Biden for the current debt predicament.

Many also believe it is unwise to raise the debt ceiling due to the fact that there are billions of dollars of unused COVID relief funds. The overwhelming consensus is this money must be used before the country goes into more debt.

It is likely that the debate on the debt ceiling will rage on, but the federal government has reached its debt ceiling and will likely begin to default on its debt obligations sometime this summer if the debt ceiling is not increased. It’s imperative that a decision is reached soon.