American Red Cross In Need, Critical Shortage Of Blood Donations

Have you ever wanted to help someone or a family in need and just did not know what you can do today? Do you wish to fulfill a need and feel rewarded personally at the same time? Well look no further the opportunity to donate blood to someone or even a family in need today. Next to water, blood is the next life-giving source that most people in your local community are in desperate need of currently. 

The American Red Cross is facing a critical shortage of blood donations, including those located in Gilbert County, AZ, and they could use your help and assistance in building those numbers back up immediately.  The back to back hurricanes of Florence and Michael in September and October respectively have caused a shortage of normal blood donations. As a matter of fact, currently the hospitals have only collected 21,000 fewer donations than what they need to operate in a safe and efficient manner.  The shortfall includes both blood and platelet donations and so you have the option of donating one or the other or both if you are able to do so safely.

You can look for the many blood drives held around your local area by going to this site. You can also find more information on how to give blood or more about what’s involved in the process of giving blood by visiting this link. Start the process of donating blood today and help to save lives all around your community and the world! 

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