AMC Offering Discounted Movie Nights On Tuesdays

What better way to beat the heat, than to catch some of the latest classics for a cheaper price at AMC Theaters? $5 ticket Tuesdays will return at a variety of AMC Theater venues. This time, the money-saving promotion is expected to stick around for a while.

The promotion will be available to moviegoers attending AMC Dine-Ins, AMC Classics, and of course standard AMC Theaters. This discounted, $5 per person price, does not include tickets for 3D films or IMAX films. The Dolby Cinema experience will also not see a reduced ticket price.

Tickets And Other Perks Available Online Or Through App

Tickets can be purchased both online, or through the AMC Theaters mobile app. There are several advantages to purchasing tickets through the app or online, one of which is that seats can be reserved. In addition to $5 tickets, $5 soda and popcorn deals will also be available. At AMC Dine-Ins, select food and drinks can be ordered online ahead of time. These orders can either be retrieved at the concession stand, or delivered by the theater staff.

Plenty Of AMC Theater Locations Throughout The Valley

There’s ample opportunity to enjoy a $5 movie at one of the 12 AMC theaters throughout Arizona. About 11 of those theaters are located in the Valley alone. Right now, depending on location, a variety of well-regarded films are playing. AMC Arizona Center 24, for example, has showings for A Quiet Place, Avengers: Infinity War, Ready Player One and other films.

A plethora of perks, besides just $5 movies, are available to those who sign up to become AMC Stub Insiders. Many of these deals will be catered to an individual’s specific theater of choice, which is identified when signing up.

Information about signing up for an AMC Stubs Membership can be found here