Amazon Will Provide Prime Members With Whole Foods Discounts

Whole Foods shoppers will be pleased to know that Amazon will be lowering prices substantially. As of recently, Amazon has claimed ownership over the health food chain Whole Foods. Primarily, Amazon Prime members will be benefiting the most from these discounts and changes.

Amazon Prime Members To Receive The Majority Of Discounts

Amazon Prime members will receive unique customer rewards, benefits, and discounts when shopping at Whole Foods markets. Although the benefits that Amazon Prime subscribers will receive are still unraveling, what is known is that they will include in-store savings that non-Prime members will not receive. Most of these savings can be obtained by purchasing exclusive Whole Foods products. Many of them can be easily purchased through both Prime Now and Prime Pantry. When ordering through Prime Now, members can receive their groceries in an hour, for a delivery fee of $7.99. Otherwise, standard deliveries usually take around 2 hours. A large amount of groceries will be discounted through these exclusive Amazon memberships.

Another added benefit will be Amazon Lockers, which will allow shoppers to pick up products ordered online at their everyday Whole Foods market. Although discounts will be available to all Whole Foods shoppers, the majority of them will be exclusive to Amazon Prime members. Discounted prices will apply to products that include lettuce, kale, bananas, apples and more.

Amazon Seeking To Make Organic Living More Affordable

These price cuts serve as an effort to make organic eating cheaper for the vast majority of people. CEO of Amazon Worldwide Consumer Jeff Wilke, seeks to make healthy eating an option for everyone regardless of income level. The Amazon Prime membership benefits are expected to continue to unfold beyond these initial rewards. 

Amazon Prime memberships can be obtained for $10.99 a month, or for a yearly subscription for $99.

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