Alamo Drafthouse Cinema to Open in Tempe

After working for long without a break, you want to relax and rejuvenate new energy for the coming busy week. What better way than to watch movies with your loved ones and take it easy from busy working days. Alamo Drafthouse has come to make your free time memorable by setting up cinema houses near you.

One such cinema house will be open in May at Tempe, and if you reside in this area well you are great luck. You’ll get the privilege of watching fun-filled, inspirational and informative movies by the most famous cinema house in the United States. The renowned screen theater will have amenities like a restaurant, and a bar and it is adjacent to Baseline and Rural roads.

When is Alamo Drafthouse theater in Tempe opening?

The company has no exact opening date as of now, but you can get first-hand information about the opening date and more news when you sign up for their free rewards. You don’t want to miss an opening of Alamo’s new theater as it will have a lot of goodies coming with the package. You will be surprised as there might be a discount on that day and you’ll save money. 

Work with Alamo Drafthouse

For a theater, house to run it needs people to run it and Alamo Drafthouse is no exception, and this is why there are job vacancies. If you like working in movie houses, this is the right opportunity to fulfill your heart desires. Alamo has vacancies in the new theater they are opening at Tempe and their other theater at Chandler neighboring Chandler heights road and Arizona Avenue.

Those who are interested in working for Alamo Drafthouse are required to submit their resumes at an offsite location adjacent to Mill Avenue and Baseline road. You’ll get all the information about the jobs available when you visit the site. There is also an online application for those who prefer online.

Which type of movies will be screening?

Alamo Drafthouse offers a blend of independent features, first-run movies, and classic movies. Everyone’s taste is available in Alamo theatres.


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