Aerospace Giant Making Moves to Mesa

It has been reported that Boeing has plans to gradually relocate its Shared Services Group division to the Mesa area that should be complete by the year 2020. This is part of a substantial restructuring plan that will downsize and move the department, which currently employs around 3,000 individuals, from its Seattle location to the Southwest over the next few years.

It is unclear at this time how many jobs will be transferred, but it has been rumored that only 5-10 percent of present employees will be offered relocation packages. The remaining workers will be required to reapply and agree to a pay cut if they wish to move with the company. This is expected to bring a good amount of jobs to Mesa.

Boeing has released the following statement:

“We are just at the start of having conversations with our employees to help them understand the process and get their feedback. We understand that changes like this impact our employees and chose to talk directly to them about this early in the process to give them the greatest opportunity to consider the right path for them as we work through this. As we are at the beginning of the process which will take two to three years, we don’t have numbers of who will be impacted and how.”

The company believes the plan will increase efficiency, productivity and overall morale. Boeing has had massive cost cuts in recent years, which involved the loss of more than 18,000 jobs company-wide. They are doing their best to avoid layoffs by gradually reducing the size of its workforce in Seattle.

Mesa’s Falcon Field has been home to a Boeing production line that produces the American military’s Apache helicopters for more than 30 years. City officials are excited the company chose the area for this transfer.