ADOT Looking For Feedback On Upcoming I-17 Improvements

Anyone who has travels I-17 regularly knows that if there is an accident or a fire on the highway, it can cause backup for hours. This issue actually is not because of the quantity of vehicles on that road, but because of the lack of lanes. It is currently operating as a 2-lane highway in each direction, and that is not operationally or safely functioning for the majority of the time anymore.

For the past few years, the Arizona Department of Transportation has been studying ways to improve the flow of traffic on the road, especially in those emergency situations. I-17 is a major roadway, acting as the main thoroughfare between northern Arizona and Phoenix. It is also the main connector between two of the most used roadways in Arizona, I-10 and I-40. Some of the study proposals include an emergency pull off lane and increasing the southbound lane in the mountain areas from two lanes to three lanes.

Last week, the Arizona Department of Transportation had a meeting at Canon Elementary School in Black Canon City, AZ. In this meeting, they gave a presentation including fact sheets and visual aids, and also included an audience question and answer period. It was a time for residents, travelers and stakeholders in general. The material presented by the ADOT can be found here.

If you were unable to attend the meeting, but have any questions, comments or concerns, please feel free to send them in to the Arizona Department of Transportation no later then May 3rd to have them included in the record of the study. They can be sent in by email or regular mail or you can call the below number.

Telephone:  1.855.712.8530
Email:  [email protected]
Mail:  ADOT Community Relations, 1655 W. Jackson Street MD 126F, Phoenix, AZ  85007


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