A Whimsical Bar to Open in Phoenix

If you’re an Arizonan who loves “Alice in Wonderland,” you’re in for a treat. You’ll soon be able to have a cocktail with all your favorite characters from the fictional story including Alice, the White Rabbit, and the Mad Hatter.

A Glass Half Full Hospitality Group located in Phoenix, which is based behind Old Town Gringos and Camp Social, is opening a cocktail bar in the city. The establishment will be based on the “Alice in Wonderland” story line. 

The fantastic bar will be opened in the building that previously housed Joe’s Midnight Run, which recently closed in March. The establishment will also be next to Camp Social and located near several busy streets, including 7th Street and Bethany Home Road.

The manager, Anthony Georgoulis, says they are still sorting design specifics for the bar, but walking into the bar is being likened to “entering the rabbit hole.”

He’s shared several delicious details about the whimsical bar. According to Georgoulis, patrons will have the choice to sit life-sized teacups or on a let-them-eat-cake couch. In addition, the bar will have crooked clocks and mirrors, as well as other whimsical details.

The hospitality group opened a similar bar, with the same name, in 2016 in Chicago. The Chicago bar was complete with murals of rabbits and swirl-covered walls.

Georgoulis says the Phoenix bar will basically be the Chicago bar “on steroids.”

The bar is going to have numerous cocktails in a “Drink me” menu section. One of the most original cocktails is named the “Cheshire Cat,” and the magical drink changes color when “potions” are added.

The “Jabberwocky” is another whimsical cocktail that will be served to the patron in an apothecary potion bottle. There is another drink, which isn’t named, that will be served to groups in large teapots that patrons can pour for themselves. 

The “Eat Me” portion of the bar will include small bites and delicious sandwiches. 

There is a 1,000-square-foot patio that will be cooled or heated, depending on the season. Live music and local DJs will be entertaining patrons.

According to the group, renovations have begun on the building, and the bar is slated to open in May.