A One-Of-A-Kind Hotel Experience Coming to Phoenix

Meow Wolf is expanding, and it’s opening an exhibition and hotel concept in Downtown Phoenix!

What is Meow Wolf?

Meow Wolf is an art and entertainment group from Santa Fe. They create immersive and interactive art. The group’s first exhibit featured a house with secret passages, climbing structures, surreal art exhibits, and portals to magical worlds. There was also a Learning Center, Float Café, a music venue, bar, and outdoor dining. There are plans for the company to expand to Denver, Las Vegas, and Washington, D.C.

What’s Happening in Phoenix?

The facility in Phoenix will be one of a kind. It will feature a fully-operational hotel alongside the exhibit. The exhibition area will be 75,000 square-foot, and it’ll incorporate a 10,000 square-foot music and performance venue. The hotel will have 400 rooms, which will be designed by local artists.

“Guests are always asking about staying overnight inside of our House of Eternal Return project in Santa Fe, so doing an intertwined exhibition and hotel just made sense to us,” says the CEO and Co-Founder of the company, Vince Kadlubek.

“Our partnership with True North Studio in Phoenix is a perfect opportunity to explore this wild concept. Our intention for this venture is to collaborate with the creative community in greater Phoenix to produce an authentic, local statement of expression which will bring further excitement and creative energy to the Roosevelt Row Arts District. This project is going to be truly monumental on so many levels.”

To celebrate the new facility, there will be a screening of the critically acclaimed documentary, MEOW WOLF: ORIGIN STORY, at monOrchid. It’ll feature an inside look at Meow Wolf’s one-of-a-kind premise and their journey to the new facility in Phoenix.

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