70+ Emojis Coming Soon To An iPhone Near You

If you’re looking for a fun way to text your friends and family, you’re in luck! Apple has just announced they’re rolling out more than 70 new emojis to your iPhone. The new emojis will be available for use for World Emoji Day (who knew that was a thing?). They include more diverse emoji people, including people with red hair, grey hair, curly hair, and those who are balding.

The expansion will automatically download to your phone sometime at the end of this year and be a part of the iOS 12 update. In addition to the people, there are new face emojis as well. You can now express: you’re cold with a blue face with icicles; you love someone with triple heart and face emoji; you want something with a pleading face; and you’re ready to party with a party hat.

Additional food and animal emojis are also joining your keyboard. There will be a mango, a cupcake, a head of lettuce, and a moon cake. For the animals, you’ll soon be able to use: a peacock, a parrot, a lobster, and a kangaroo. There’ll also be a softball, an infinity symbol, and male and female superheroes. 

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