7 Air Conditioner Tips to Beat the Heat This Summer

Hotter weather is a warning signal for you to get your air conditioning system ready for economical and healthy cooling. If you want to beat the heat and stay cool, here are seven valuable tips that will help you stay cooler and lower your utility bills at the same time.

1. Weatherization

Are your windows and doors securely sealed, so the air conditioning isn’t leaking to the outside? If you want to prevent the cold air from escaping, weatherizing is one of the fastest ways to do it. Use both caulk and weather stripping to close any gaps that occur with windows and doors. Also, if you find spaces around any air conditioning ducts, fill those gaps with insulation.

An additional way to weatherize is to use window tint or film on the interior surfaces of your windows. When you limit the amount of heat and sunlight that can come into your home, the tinting or film will allow your home to remain cooler. Plus, when winter rolls around, the heat will stay in as well, and your home will stay warmer.

2. Turn Fans Counterclockwise

Running your air conditioner involves solving the problems with air that gets trapped in the ceiling area. You don’t want to waste that cool air, so the best way to solve releasing any entrenched air is to set your ceiling fans in a counterclockwise position. That way, you’re pushing the cold air closer to the lower part of the rooms of your house. You’re reaping the benefits of the fans and the cooler air without further strain on your air conditioner. It’s a lot less expensive to run a fan than it is to rely on your air conditioner. In fact, you can run ceiling fans throughout the day without increasing utility bills, and it’s a beneficial way to lower the heat in your house.

3. Checking and Replacing Filters

Filters affect efficient cooling as cool air flows through them, and when they’re dirty from various particles that pass through them, they need to be replaced or cleaned. Many filters today can simply be washed and air-dried, whereas others need to be thrown away and replaced. It’s important to check filters on a monthly basis, particularly during the summer months. Ineffective, dirty or worn filters don’t allow an air conditioner to work at its best and can put a strain on a cooling system. Make sure you know what filters you need and change them regularly. It’s easy to swap out filters and keep your air conditioner working to beat the heat.

4. Protect your Air Conditioner

If you want to keep things cool in your house, it’s important for an air conditioner to stay cool, too. When an air conditioner is near the sun, it won’t provide efficient cooling. Direct sunlight on it will heat it up and make it difficult to cool the interior of your home. You don’t want to plant it entirely in the shade or surround it with trees and shrubs beside it, as it will make the system hard to operate. You’ll want to hire an air conditioning specialist to help you locate the right area for effective operation. Besides, those who are living in Glendale can choose an expert from air conditioning service Glendale AZ to protect their air conditioners.

5. Protect your Thermostat

Just like an exterior air conditioning unit, an internal thermostat requires protection as well from any major heat source, including the sun. Any kind of lighting, appliances or big-screen television should be moved away from the area of a thermostat. The reason being a thermostat can’t operate effectively and register the proper temperature. If the area around a thermostat is warm, your air conditioner will come on when it really doesn’t need to as a thermostat exposed to heat sources won’t be able to register the right temperature of a room. When it’s showing the area to be warmer, your air conditioner will come on when it’s unneeded.

Maybe you need a new thermostat or should position your old one somewhere else in your home. Just remember, before installing one, think about where you can place it where it will be away from the sun and other sources of heat. You want to move it where it won’t be close to any other heat-bearing items.

6. Smart Thermostat

A smart thermostat may be the answer to keeping your home at its coolest while saving you on the high cost of electricity. An efficient smart thermostat runs smoothly and efficiently and keeps you cool.

With a smart thermostat, the installation is simple, and they’re not as expensive as they were in years past. Today they’re more affordable. If you’re not sure about installation and its overall costs, get with an air conditioning specialist familiar with smart thermostats and their installation. An expert should be able to answer your questions and concerns and help you save on energy costs and remain cool.

7. Replacing your Air Conditioner

Maybe you need to determine whether your air conditioning is operating at full capacity and whether it needs major repairs or total replacement. If the system is acting up despite all the tips given here and is simply not doing the job of cooling your house, it may be time to consider a replacement.

Though replacement is a more costly consideration than repairs, installation of a newer system means energy efficiency and less costly utility bills, plus the latest technology makes an air conditioning system less likely to break down and cause problems. Newer systems come with full warranties that can keep you from paying for unforeseen repairs.

When replacement seems inevitable, make sure that you hire a qualified professional who is aware of all the ins and outs in the replacement process. You want a system that’s appropriate for your house size and condition. Working with the right company and installers is important to the success and overall effectiveness of the system.

The tips given here should help you beat the heat this summer and enjoy the cool comfort of your home but just remember to call in professionals with repairing and replacing anything with your air conditioning system. If you’re not sure of how to repair your air conditioner or follow the tips, you’ll need the help of experts. You want any air conditioning-related problems to be corrected without going through the hassle of finding someone at the last minute.

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