6 Major Upcoming Phoenix Transportation Projects

Phoenix is in the process of altering streets throughout the city to transform the way cyclists and pedestrians travel.

The Phoenix City Council recently approved a “complete streets” policy that aims to enhance the method of transportation for all travelers.

Some improvements include installing new street lighting, adding bike lanes, and improving the quality of intersections. Vehicle lanes may be removed in some cases under proposed projects.

Here are six major projects that are currently in the works:

1. Van Buren Street Transformation

Where: Van Buren Street from Seventh to 40th streets

What: This project plans to remove vehicular lanes down to one in each direction while adding in buffered bicycle lanes. Other improvements include adding street lighting, fixing sidewalks with accessible ramps, adding landscaping for shade, and implementing on-street parking.

When: Phase one is expected to be designed by mid-2019. The project is expected to be completed in late 2020.

Cost: $13.5 million

2. Bike Lanes on Oak Street

Where: Oak Street from Third Street to State Route 51, then north to the Grand Canal.

What: Improvements will be made to sidewalks, lighting, and signage. Bicycle lanes and cycle tracks will also be added. No vehicle lanes will be lost in this project, but curbside parking will be removed due to the addition bicycle lanes.

When: Construction is anticipated to start in 2019.

Cost: $4 million

3. 1
st Street- Streetscape Plan

Where: McKinley Street to Moreland Street

What: Improvements to downtown streets to make them more walkable and attractive by narrowing roadways, widening sidewalks, and adding in bike lanes and on-street parking.

When: Construction has already begun and will be finished in 1 year.

Cost: $3.2 million

4. Better Biking on Missouri Ave

Where: Missouri Ave from 19th to 43rd avenues.

What: Addition on bicycle lanes and intersection improvements. When: Construction will begin in 2018 or 2019.

Cost: $1 million

5. Biking West of the Capitol

Where: Adams and Jefferson streets from 19th to 27th avenues.

What: Removed 1 vehicle lane from Adams street and added multiple bike lanes. Jefferson street vehicle lanes were narrowed improving the bike lanes.

When: This project has been completed.

Cost: $20,000

6. 15th Avenue Connectivity

Where: 15th Ave. between Van Buren Street and Interstate 17.

What: The projects plan is to add bike lanes between Van Buren Street and I-17 to connect to already existing bike lanes. A two-way left-turn lane will be added between Van Buren and Harrison streets.

When: This project has the potential to be completed in fall 2017.

Cost: $25,000