5 New Holiday Movies You Can’t Miss

The best films seem to always be released at the end of the year, and this holiday season is no exception. Here is our favorite movies being released this season:

1. “Fences” – A movie directed by Denzel Washington, that is based on August Wilson’s play he wrote. A story about a married couple who are trying to repair their marriage after he has a child with a different woman.

2. “Why Him?” – Bryan Cranston plays an overprotective dad that seems to be getting a new potential son-in-law (James Franco) for Christmas. In the movie the marriage question gets popped. Franco plays a wealthy tattooed tech guy in this film who causes the family some drama. Comedy.

3. “Office Christmas Party” – This comedy stars Jennifer Aniston playing the sister for a party enraged brother (T.J Miller) who she is trying to shut down his branch. T.J known as “Clay”in the movie, decides it is a good idea to throw a holiday party to win a potential client that will save his business. This comedy will defiantly provide a good laugh for its audience.

4. “La La Land” – Ryan Gosling and Emma stone pair up again but this time also singing and dancing.  In this heartbreaking drama Ryan plays a starving musician in the City of Angels, knows as Los Angeles. Be captivated as it takes you through the struggles of pursuing your passion and dreams.

5. “Bad Santa 2” – Billy Bob Thornton playing as “Willie Soke”, is back at again with his side kick Marcus to cause some trouble. Coming along this time is Thurman a chubby kid who brings a ray of sunshine to the chaos. This holiday they are off to a charity party on Christmas Eve in Chicago to rip it off. This may not be one to take the whole family to this holiday since it does have some crude humor. If you loved the first Bad Santa you are bound to love this one.

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