$30 million Donation Made to UofA for Biosphere 2 Research

In a brilliant move, $30 million has been donated to the University of Arizona to aid in continuing the research being done at the Biosphere 2 research building.

Texas billionaire Edward P. Bass is the man making the donation. Bass, listed at #239 on the Forbes 400 list of wealthiest American in 2012, is a businessman, philanthropist, and environmentalist from Fort Worth. He is the chairman of Fine Line, an investment firm in Fort Worth that deals with investment and management of venture-capital.

Biosphere 2 Director Joaquin Ruiz expressed his gratitude to Bass by saying that his contribution will let the research institute continue addressing “grand scientific challenges” that affect everyday life, especially global climate change.

Biosphere 2 has been in operation since 2007. It serves as a center for research, teaching, and outreach for the scientific community through the face of the University of Arizona. It aims to provide information to the public, industry, and government through its programs. It is open to tours to students and the public daily. It’s work most often focuses on issues with global climate change and sustainability.

Bass says that his confidence in the Biosphere has never wavered. Additionally, he continues to support the University of Arizona’s stewardship in benefiting the plan on a long term basis.

The gift, announced on Wednesday, is the third major donation that Bass’ foundation has given to Biosphere 2. His donations have served as the driving force of Biosphere 2’s operations and have funded nearly all of its most important research, including an early 1990 study conducted involving extended stays within the facility’s walls.

Biosphere 2 can be found in Oracle about 25 miles north of Tucson where the university’s main campus is located. Oracle is a small community largely known for Biosphere 2’s inclusion to the town.