27 Phoenix Streets To Have Speed Limit Adjusted

The City of Phoenix will soon be changing the speed limits on 27 different streets, with the move having been officially approved on Wednesday.

According to Carl Langford, City of Phoenix traffic engineering supervisor, Phoenix conducted two types of studies to monitor the average speed over two hour and 48 hour spans in certain areas.

Some of the speed limit alterations are a result of roads having changed in certain areas over time. 

“In some of the locations they are going from a two-lane road to wider, four lanes, five lanes in areas due to development getting in the area and building out and widening and connecting to other roads,” Langford said.

Phoenix is planning on researching the standards and qualities of similar roads on a national scope.

While some of the speed limits saw a decrease, other areas saw an increase in the speed limit.

“If you do create a speed limit too low in some areas you end up causing such a difference in the speed people drive it can almost create more of a hazard,” Langford said. 

Langford also stated that the City of Phoenix will reevaluate the speed limits on an annual basis moving forward.

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