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October 29, 2018

Arizona Schools Are Now Able to Opt Out Of AzMERIT Tests

For some high schools around our state, the 2017/2018 school year marked the end of their AzMERIT testing, as a result of a new policy…

Help Silent Witness “Catch a Crook”

In 2018 alone, Silent Witness has helped valley police departments arrest over 70 felons. Without Silent Witness, these criminals could still be on the streets…

Tucson Jobs Have Made A Comeback

According to employment statistics released last week, Tucson is no longer in a recession. The region has gained the jobs it had lost between 2007…

Movies Opening On Friday, November 2, 2018

Bohemian RhapsodyThe Nutcracker and the Four RealmsNobody’s FoolBoy ErasedBodiedProspectA Private War