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November 27, 2017
Heather Marlette

The 2017 holidays are fast approaching. With all of the lights, holiday specials and songs that we are going to be bombarded with, it’s also time to turn our eyes to the toys that all the kids will want. Unfortunately, the most wanted toys are also the ones that typically fly off the shelf, and have parents fist fighting in the aisles. If you want a leg up, read on to see the top 10 hottest kids’ toys for the upcoming season, as diverse in price as they are in tech levels – ranging from low price and almost no tech to 3 figures, and needing an engineering degree (or being under 16) to figure out.

10. Soundmoovz, $69.99 – Manufactured by Cra-Z-Art, these are bands that look similar to exercise bracelets. These bands work with Bluetooth technology, and are motion activated. They can be programed to play music with motion, and can also connect to a Bluetooth speaker to be louder. These are meant for kids 9 years and older.

9.  Nerf Rival Nemesis MXVII-10K Blaster, $99.99  – Manufactured by HASBRO, this is a high volume, fast triggered take on a classic. They take 6 D batteries – be sure to remember to grab those when in the store as well – or can be used with the Nerf Rival rechargeable battery pack. It is an automatic with the capacity to hold 100 nerf balls, and is meant for kids 14 and older.

8.  L.O.L. Surprise! Dolls, various from $9.99 to $69.99 – Manufactured by MGA Entertainment, these dolls vary in price mainly relative to their size and their commonality – the bigger you get, the more it costs and the more rare, the more expensive. The dolls are considered collectibles, but are meant for 3+ - just note that many of the dolls accessories are on the smaller size, so supervision for kids who put things in their mouth is highly recommended. These dolls are based on a world run by babies, and each of the 45 available have their own distinct personalities. The dolls come in a sphere wrapped up in multi-layers of plastic. Each layer leads to a new accessory until you reach the doll itself.

7. Star Wars (Black Series) 6-inch action figures, various from $14.99 and up – This HASBRO series has longevity on the top toy lists. The Black Series of Star Wars figurines was introduced back in 2013, and a new edition has been introduced every year. The figures are different iconic looks of the staple characters throughout the movies, and have plans to include the current movies. This year marks the 40th anniversary of the Black Series release. The package will read age 4 and up, but this is another that you will want to watch out for the accessories on.

6.  Paw Patrol My Size Lookout Tower, $99.99 – Manufactured by Spin Master, this is a child sized (2 1/2 feet tall) tower based on the show Paw Patrol, that has all the bells and whistles – quite literally!! From a working elevator to a vehicle launch, kids will love playing the hero along their favorites. This takes 2 AAA batteries, and is intended for kids 3+.

5. R2-D2 App-Enabled Droid, $179.99 – Manufactured by SPHERO, this R2-D2 has accurate features, lights and sounds to the movies. It can be controlled by any smart device, or can patrol the world on its own. It will interact not only with other Star Wars App-Enabled Droids, but also with Star Wars films.  Artoo is charged via USB, no batteries required. Believe me, this is the droid you and all young Star Wars fans are looking for. No real age recommendation – good for age 0 – 100.

4. Hatchimals Pengualas, $59.99 – Manufactured by Spin Master, these toys start off as eggs. Each egg has one of two possible creatures inside. You have to take care of, love and play with the eggs enough to get them to hatch. Once they start, you have to keep being attentive to complete the process and see who you got. Once hatched, the toy can be raised from baby to toddler to kid, learning to walk, talk, sing, etc.  2 AA batteries are required, and are NOT included. Intended for kids 5 and up.

3. Soggy Doggy Board Game, $19.99 – Manufactured by Spin Master, this is a board game with a twist, a shake, and wetness. This game for 4 years and up is a circular board with a tub in the middle. To play, snap in the dog and go. The point is to get around the board to the doggie basket without having the dog shake on you – if you land on a bone and twist the knob and the dog stays still, you are good – but randomly he will shake and send you back to the beginning. This is a game that the whole family can play.

2. FurReal Roarin' Tyler, the Playful Tiger, $129.99 – The latest FurReal Friend manufactured by HASBRO. He is made of plastic, covered in fur and has a mouth full of tiger teeth that are more adorable then ferocious. He comes with a toy chick and sensors over his body to react to motion. No kid will be able to resist his not quite fully developed roar, which is only one of 100 sounds and motions Tyler the Tiger comes with. For kids 4 and up.

1.  Fingerlings Interactive Baby Monkeys, $14.99 – Manufactured by Wowwee, these adorable monkey friends are heavily agreed on to be this year’s top toy. Finn, Mia, Zoe, Boris, Bella, and Sophie are the Fingerlings you can choose from, each one has its own distinctly adorable personality, color, hair and more. These monkeys live on kid’s fingers, fitting in their cupped arms and legs or their curled tail onto them. The monkeys come with the needed batteries, and with a flick of a switch they interact – including gripping on tight if the kid they are living on puts their hand down. Children are already crazy for these, and the out of stocks by their names are going up as the holidays get closer.

There are your top ten toys for the 2017 holiday season. Hopefully you will be better prepared to get what is at the top of your children’s list?

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